I've been slack

Well, my apologies for my absence from this blog for nearly a year’s time. Life happens, inspiration wanes and getting down into a rabbit hole sometimes is inevitable.

My passion for UX hasn’t waned though, particularly in health. This past year has taught me a lot more about the health system in Australia and how there is ample room for improvement for the way do things. How do we create a healthcare system that rewards good behaviour? How do shift the emphasis from reactive to preventative medicine? The more I think about it, the more I am interested in the service experience, not just the user experience. Healthcare is a complex beast and there are beyond just interface touchpoints that we must consider in order to facilitate an experience that underpins the whole of healthcare; one that is empowering, one that works.

I’m now currently in a job that gives me a lot of insight into psyche of stakeholders within the organisation when exposed to a massive change. It’s interesting to say the very least and I feel very privileged for being exposed to all these learnings. I’m hoping in the next few months I can start sharing some of the insights I have been gathering as part of my UX journey.

Till then,