Healthcare and UX at Academy Xi

I started my UX course at Academy Xi last month and I feel as if I will be documenting the journey here because it will be interesting to see how much I have learnt.

The main impetus for applying for a $3500 AUD course was quite simple down to a few things:

  • A few life things had happened and thus, I had some time to myself 
  • Through this whole process, I've gained more perspective and now I am much more focussed in my career. I want to be innovative and forward thinking
  • Because learning a technical skill is invaluable

But the biggest factor was basically I started to realise how there were so many projects in health that have a digital element. Interfaces were becoming digital and inherently, I can see a major factor of risk. Health is notorious for having poorly designed and counter-intuitive interfaces that makes a crappy app store app look genius. I can't begin to fathom why clinicians keep putting up with horribly designed programmes that have poor usability and I think the poor design can often lead to mistakes. And the Swiss cheese model takes over here, where a multitude of tiny issues can ultimately lead to a catastrophic failure. Due to the fact that the user experience component is hardly ever thought of in health, I thought it would be perfect to understand the framework behind this thought process and combine it with health. 

My first class at Academy Xi was great and I felt like I was finally tapping into the creative side of my brain that I never really thought I had. My class has 11/14 graphic designers, so most people are creative. What I enjoy about UX is that it isn't simply about your ability to draw great things, but it is the embodiment of human factors, functionality, elegance and aesthetic to deliver an experience that caters to the user's requirements. We were thrown into doing a rapid prototyping/ideation exercise that stretched the limits of my creative thought process. What truly amazed me was how effective it was to use these constructs to deliver a viable and workable solution. It was a great way to be thrown into a foreign world of UX and I can definitely see that there is a relevance of UX in my job/career. I'm super excited to incorporate the things I learn into this course.

This is the beginning of a new journey. It's full of so much opportunity.